Morning Run

First running post!

Woke up early this morning and was still half dreaming, so thought I might have forgotten to set my alarm till I looked at the time. One of my housemates was hogging the bathroom, so got out a little later than I normally would, but still with plenty of time for the run. Went for another 20min timed run and after Tuesday’s failure to run the complete time, I was determined to make it to the time today.

I decided to run the route ‘in reverse’ so that I would finish near Stanhope Park, starting out from near the Grange Road Roundabout, heading up Coniscliffe Road, a small detour along Langholm Crescent to avoid the large huddle of kids waiting for the school bus and back onto Cleveland Terrace. Decided part-way up that I couldn’t be bothered with going all the way to Carmel Road, so cut along Neville Road and onto Milbank Road (which is nice and quiet with the roadworks cutting it off at the mini-roundabout now) then along Cleveland Avenue and Trinity Road to the park. With about 4 mins left on time, I was starting to flag a little, but pushed on and did a mini-lap of the park and then down Duke Street to finish.

Distance: 1.85mi
Time: 20 mins
Terrain: Footpaths
Time of day: 7:30am
Weather: Cool, but clear and sunny

(running stats layout shamelessly stolen from

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