Morning Swim

Got a good night’s sleep, woke up to my alarm and headed straight out to the Dolphin Centre for a swim

Did 40 lengths of the pool, 20 breaststroke to warm up, 10 front crawl and then 10 more breaststoke.

Normally I’d do mixed breaststroke and front crawl for the second rep of 10 lengths, but I had a bit of inspiration strike me while I was swimming along and spent time mulling it over so stayed on the easier stroke for a bit longer. Will see if anything comes of the idea in future, have to do some research and flesh it out a bit more.

Distance: 1000m
Time: ~35 mins
Terrain: Indoor Pool
Time of day: 7:30am
Weather: Bit damp and misty outside, was similar inside after my goggles fogged up

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