Middlesbrough Parkrun in the rain

Started raining just as everyone lined up to start the run and then got heavier over the next 20 mins or so, only stopping just before I finished.

I also managed to drop and break my glasses just after the 3k mark, had taken them off cos they were getting steamed up.

So I lost about 2 mins looking for the arm that had come off, then couldn’t quite motivate myself to keep running further on round the course.

Still, not too terrible a time, would have probably been around 32 mins again without the pause while hunting for broken glasses.

I’m now investigating getting some contact lenses to wear when I go running, instead of wearing my glasses.

Distance: 5km
Time: 34 mins
Location: Albert Park, Middlesbrough
Terrain: Footpaths in the park
Time of day: 9:00am
Weather: Wet, wet and a bit more wet for good measure

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