Partial Parkrun

Decided to run today’s Parkrun in my hiking boots, cos it was too damned cold and wet for the VFFs. This, as I expected it might be, was a bad idea, I’d barely done half a km before my thighs and calves were burning from the extra weight and effort required to move my feet.

I pushed on and walked quite a big chunk of the route before stopping at 3km as by then my left calf muscle was screaming at me and I figured I’d better listen to it.

Think I might pick up an emergency pair of trainers for the snow. I’d been thinking about it anyway, but the cold weather has kinda pre-empted me. I’m up in Newcastle on Tuesday, so my plan is to go into the Sweatshop there and have a chat with the staff.

Distance: 3km
Time: 25 mins
Location: Albert Park, Middlesbrough
Terrain: Footpaths
Time of day: 9:00am
Weather: Cold and snow underfoot, but clear and sunny

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