Busy Week

Had a bit of a busy week last week, didn’t quite get round to updating the blog at all.

I went swimming twice, doing 1000m each time, and went running twice as well. Due to the snow and the fact that my Vibrams don’t really stand up well in the cold, I didnt go on Tuesday morning like I normally would. However, I went up to the Metro Centre during the day and got a new pair of trail running shoes so that I could get out later in the week.
Thursday morning, I went out with Paul again, doing week one of the c25k program again and on Saturday I went through to Parkrun and managed to complete it this time

While I was at Parkrun, I picked up a copy of ‘The Clock Keeps Ticking’ by Sharon Gayter. She was there signing copies for Parkrunners, as Middlesbrough is her local event.

And then this morning I went swimming again, doing my usual 1000m made up of 40x25m lengths.

Will have to see about running this week, snow is all compacted and turning to ice, could be tricky underfoot

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