First Run of the Month

First run of the New Year this morning as part of Janathon and first run back in my Vibram FiveFingers since the snow and ice is now pretty much all gone.

Took a new route this morning to get the mile, will probably be one I revisit over the month as it was quite a nice little one.

I ran out from Grange Road roundabout down Grange Road itself, pavement is a little narrow down here, so I wouldn’t like to run it when its busier. I turned 180 at the junction with Southend Ave and came back up the tree and grass lined path between the two roads, and turned another 180 back near the roundabout again to come back down Southend Ave itself.

This little bit of back-and-forth running made up about 3/4 of the mile and I finished the run off by heading up Oakdene Ave, onto Coniscliffe Road and back to the roundabout to complete the run.

I quite like this route, as I only have to cross two road junctions (actually both ends of the same road, Beechwood Ave) and a couple of minor junctions, so along with my run around the outside of Abbey Road sports field, this is a good one for avoiding traffic.

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