Internet Fail

So BT have screwed up something with my phone line and I have no internet connection at home for 1-3 days, yay…

Ran the reverse route of my run from yesterday, so did another 1.3 mi or so, was quite nice out.

Starting to feel the effects of running every day in my legs now, calves are aching quite a bit.

I should be able to upload the stats from the run at work tomorrow, along with the run and swim I’m planning on doing in the morning (although I suspect it might be more of a float than a swim)

4 thoughts on “Internet Fail

  1. Hey! Sorry to hear about your internet. I couldn’t help but mention – in the summer my calves started hurting one day, so I pushed past it, and as a rower continued to MTFU and train every day, then come the weekend I jumped out of my bed and as soon as my feet hit the floor I burst into tears due to the immense calf strain I had developed so be careful and stretch lots! I don’t know if you’ve ever done it but calf strain is one of the most crippling things I have experienced, considering it is impossible to flex one’s ankles. Makes you walk like a cat with smarties tubes on its legs. Hilarious for fellow office workers. Less than funny when you don’t own a car.

  2. floats are definitely good. I don’t run every day. my knees say No thanks. So I keep my running to three a week. hopefully your soreness goes away without incident.

  3. congrats on blogging despite BT! my massage therapist recommends putting the balls of your feet on a step (or a thick dictionary/phone book if you live in a flat) and flexing up and down a few times for a good calf stretch.

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