Days 3 and 4

Uploaded all my running stats from work, while my home internet is down, hopefully BT will resolve the issue before the weekend or I’ll have to go steal someone else’s internets.

This morning was an interesting one, as I planned to go running and do my regular swimming session at the pool, all before work. So at 6:30am my alarm goes off and I drag myself out on a run around the edge of the town centre, following the inner ring-road for most of the distance, before swinging down and along the main shopping street until I’d done a little over 2km.

I’d planned ahead and pre-packed my bag with the swimming kit I needed and my work clothes, so all I had to do was change my shoes and meet up with Tanya before heading to the baths where I did about 30 lengths of casual swimming.

Now for the rest of the week (including another swimming session) and the question of do I go try run Parkrun on Saturday morning?

Internet Fail

So BT have screwed up something with my phone line and I have no internet connection at home for 1-3 days, yay…

Ran the reverse route of my run from yesterday, so did another 1.3 mi or so, was quite nice out.

Starting to feel the effects of running every day in my legs now, calves are aching quite a bit.

I should be able to upload the stats from the run at work tomorrow, along with the run and swim I’m planning on doing in the morning (although I suspect it might be more of a float than a swim)

2nd of Janathon

Got up early and went out for my second run, did a little over a mile this time and felt that I could have probably gone on a bit more.

I’ve been considering my options for runs later in the week, in particular on the days I go swimming, and I think I’m going to try getting up even earlier than normal, go for a run and end at the baths ready to swim.

Yeah, we’ll see how that goes…

First Run of the Month

First run of the New Year this morning as part of Janathon and first run back in my Vibram FiveFingers since the snow and ice is now pretty much all gone.

Took a new route this morning to get the mile, will probably be one I revisit over the month as it was quite a nice little one.

I ran out from Grange Road roundabout down Grange Road itself, pavement is a little narrow down here, so I wouldn’t like to run it when its busier. I turned 180 at the junction with Southend Ave and came back up the tree and grass lined path between the two roads, and turned another 180 back near the roundabout again to come back down Southend Ave itself.

This little bit of back-and-forth running made up about 3/4 of the mile and I finished the run off by heading up Oakdene Ave, onto Coniscliffe Road and back to the roundabout to complete the run.

I quite like this route, as I only have to cross two road junctions (actually both ends of the same road, Beechwood Ave) and a couple of minor junctions, so along with my run around the outside of Abbey Road sports field, this is a good one for avoiding traffic.

Year-end Summary for 2010

I thought I’d make a post summing up everything that’s happened in 2010 and some of my goals for 2011, I’ve not posted in a while and it seems like a good thing to do.

2010 has been a bit of a mixed year for me, but I think on the whole it’s tipped to the positive side. On the down-side of things: I broke up with my girlfriend just before summer, and a week later also lost my job as the company went into liquidation. On the up-side: I took up running and as a result of that and continuing with my swimming and a better diet, have lost a good amount of weight while building muscle (mainly in shoulders and legs). I got re-hired at the same company, now under new management and things have gotten a lot better with the new direction we’re taking. I took and passed my driving test on the first attempt after having put off lessons for so long.

So for 2011, I have some goals for running at least: firstly participation in Janathon and to see it all the way through (including perhaps getting down to London for the meetup/prize-giving/run). Secondly I want to run some races this year, probably 10k, but I might look at half marathons too for the latter half of the year. Thirdly, volunteer at Parkrun to give back to the community a bit.

I’m also wanting to shed a bit more weight too, which will come naturally as long as I exercise and eat well. According to the height-weight charts, I should be loosing another 1/3 of my bodyweight to fall in the ‘ideal’ bracket, but I think that’s a bit untenable, I’ll be happy with a fifth to a quarter, which will put me between 75 and 80 kilos. It’s not something I’ll be concentrating on at any rate, just monitoring.

This coming year, I also have my 30th birthday to look forward to. One of my best friends has his 30th about two weeks after mine and we’ve been discussing going over to Greece for a meetup with friends from there. I’m also planning to go to London and have a bash down there, since that’s where a lot of my Uni friends have ended up.

So that’s about it.

One day to NYE and drinks at the DMPRFC.

Two days to 2011 and 31 days of running for Janathon.

Busy Week

Had a bit of a busy week last week, didn’t quite get round to updating the blog at all.

I went swimming twice, doing 1000m each time, and went running twice as well. Due to the snow and the fact that my Vibrams don’t really stand up well in the cold, I didnt go on Tuesday morning like I normally would. However, I went up to the Metro Centre during the day and got a new pair of trail running shoes so that I could get out later in the week.
Thursday morning, I went out with Paul again, doing week one of the c25k program again and on Saturday I went through to Parkrun and managed to complete it this time

While I was at Parkrun, I picked up a copy of ‘The Clock Keeps Ticking’ by Sharon Gayter. She was there signing copies for Parkrunners, as Middlesbrough is her local event.

And then this morning I went swimming again, doing my usual 1000m made up of 40x25m lengths.

Will have to see about running this week, snow is all compacted and turning to ice, could be tricky underfoot

Partial Parkrun

Decided to run today’s Parkrun in my hiking boots, cos it was too damned cold and wet for the VFFs. This, as I expected it might be, was a bad idea, I’d barely done half a km before my thighs and calves were burning from the extra weight and effort required to move my feet.

I pushed on and walked quite a big chunk of the route before stopping at 3km as by then my left calf muscle was screaming at me and I figured I’d better listen to it.

Think I might pick up an emergency pair of trainers for the snow. I’d been thinking about it anyway, but the cold weather has kinda pre-empted me. I’m up in Newcastle on Tuesday, so my plan is to go into the Sweatshop there and have a chat with the staff.

Distance: 3km
Time: 25 mins
Location: Albert Park, Middlesbrough
Terrain: Footpaths
Time of day: 9:00am
Weather: Cold and snow underfoot, but clear and sunny

Town Centre Circuit in the snow

My Vibrams leave nice footprints in the snow, but they’re bloody freezing. Was only an inch or so of snow on the ground, but it was enough for my toes to be wet, then freezing by the time I got back home. I did a single circuit of the Town Centre, reasoning that it would be more heavily gritted than anywhere else, however it appears that the council hadn’t bothered with the interior roads at all, so it was just as bad as if I’d gone out to Carmel Road and back.

I also went to pick up my trial contact lenses this morning and to get shown how to go about putting them in and taking them out again, as I’ve not worn contacts before. So I’ll give them a bit of a trial on Saturday at Parkrun and see how I do with them.

Distance: 1.0 mi
Time: 10 mins
Location: Darlington Town Centre
Terrain: Footpaths
Time of day: 7:30am
Weather: Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold

Middlesbrough Parkrun in the rain

Started raining just as everyone lined up to start the run and then got heavier over the next 20 mins or so, only stopping just before I finished.

I also managed to drop and break my glasses just after the 3k mark, had taken them off cos they were getting steamed up.

So I lost about 2 mins looking for the arm that had come off, then couldn’t quite motivate myself to keep running further on round the course.

Still, not too terrible a time, would have probably been around 32 mins again without the pause while hunting for broken glasses.

I’m now investigating getting some contact lenses to wear when I go running, instead of wearing my glasses.

Distance: 5km
Time: 34 mins
Location: Albert Park, Middlesbrough
Terrain: Footpaths in the park
Time of day: 9:00am
Weather: Wet, wet and a bit more wet for good measure

Morning Run

First running post!

Woke up early this morning and was still half dreaming, so thought I might have forgotten to set my alarm till I looked at the time. One of my housemates was hogging the bathroom, so got out a little later than I normally would, but still with plenty of time for the run. Went for another 20min timed run and after Tuesday’s failure to run the complete time, I was determined to make it to the time today.

I decided to run the route ‘in reverse’ so that I would finish near Stanhope Park, starting out from near the Grange Road Roundabout, heading up Coniscliffe Road, a small detour along Langholm Crescent to avoid the large huddle of kids waiting for the school bus and back onto Cleveland Terrace. Decided part-way up that I couldn’t be bothered with going all the way to Carmel Road, so cut along Neville Road and onto Milbank Road (which is nice and quiet with the roadworks cutting it off at the mini-roundabout now) then along Cleveland Avenue and Trinity Road to the park. With about 4 mins left on time, I was starting to flag a little, but pushed on and did a mini-lap of the park and then down Duke Street to finish.

Distance: 1.85mi
Time: 20 mins
Terrain: Footpaths
Time of day: 7:30am
Weather: Cool, but clear and sunny

(running stats layout shamelessly stolen from