Why Unshod?

I’d been reading about barefoot running for good while before I even considered trying it for myself and really only got into it by accident…

I was heading to Greece for a holiday in 2009 and needed a new pair of shoes for use on the beach as I didn’t really have anything appropriate. Originally, I planned to get a pair of Vibram Fivefinger KSOs, but the supplier for the company I ordered from had been flooded out by the heavy rains that summer and they instead offered me a pair of Flows for the same price. The Flows turned out even better than if I’d got KSOs, as I could go in and out of the water in them without problem, but I stopped wearing them almost as soon as I got back to the UK as they were difficult to get on and off quickly and it was cold and smelly without socks.

Fast-forward to spring 2010, I was working on changing my lifestyle a bit and was looking at going running. I decided that I’d try going out running in my Flows and also that in order to get my feet more used to being barefoot, I’d get a second pair – some Classics – and wear them all the time.

I enjoyed wearing them so much that I now have a third pair of Vibrams, the KSOs that I wanted originally along with about 15 pairs of toe-socks (finally found a source for them cheap-ish online) and I’ve been considering getting a pair of KSO Treks for going hiking in!

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